Exposition New York

In woodworking, marquetry represents the most advanced, sophisticated, and refined level of work. The enduring qualities of this traditional art can perfectly adapt to modern creations. Currently, marquetry is taking a contemporary turn. It succeeds in translating shapes and colours, adapting them to the style of our time.
It is now characterised by abstraction and colours, ever more numerous: Natural tones mingle with the brightest hues in often non-figurative designs. Enriched with new techniques, marquetry transcends the artisanal framework to emerge as an autonomous mode of expression. Thanks to the creativity it demonstrates, now more than ever, it deserves the appellation of CONTEMPORARY MARQUETRY.
In the creation of artworks, wood is the exclusive material used.
The technique involves layering sheets of coloured veneer and sanding them until the desired result is achieved; it was invented by Georges VRIZ in 1982. Anne MUSSCHE worked with him for two years.
The veneers are dyed through and retain their colours when the thickness remains minimal, hence the interest in transparency.

It allows for playing with different wood species and maximising the aesthetic qualities of wood.
Anne Mussche draws inspiration from natural elements.
It happens to align with the thought of Lao Tseu, a Taoist, who merges with the sky and the earth, where their Common sources are found.
Her creation penetrates the universe, and the emotions evoked by these encounters fuel her imagination, which she translates into contemporary works.
The themes often addressed in her paintings, such as dreams, serenity, calm, and escapism, reflect the expression of her inner self. It is this living source that expresses itself in every creation. Life, love, light… all these emotions are found in a fascinating and meditative visual, incorporating a veil of slight shimmer that blurs the contours and encourages escapism.
Colour is also a fundamental factor which, through its different intensities in the expressed theme, leads to unexpected inner peace. These works, ranging from figurative to the most contemporary abstraction, enliven the senses; each glance becomes essential, opening us up to another dimension.